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About:  BransonAmerica Publications

BransonAmerica Publications specializes in creating book series. Books that follow a theme and satisfy a readers need for organization and a simple writing style. Our book sets appeal to a reader that needs the information as quickly and simply as possible.

BransonAmerica Publications is always looking for writing talent to add to our stable of fine technical writers. If you are interested in writing one of our series installment books, contacts us.

About:  Just Tell Me… Simply books

Just Tell Me… Simply
books are designed and written to convey complex information, tasks, and concepts with the simplest explanation possible.

These books are uniquely designed with a specific navigation format to guide you through the information.  Every Just Tell Me… Simply book is constructed with the same guidelines.  This enables you to locate the information you desire very quickly without having to learn a particular authors writing or information organizational style.

About:  Our Authors

Buzz Murphy has been writer and corporate technology trainer for over 25 years.  Working in classroom, elearning, television, podcasts, and webinar formats, he has touched the lives of tens of thousands of business learners based around the world.  Holding seventeen information technology certifications, he specializes in explaining unexplainable IT jargon to the masses.  His motto is “Keep it simple, keep it fun!”

He has presented training and speeches across the country including radio and TV programs as well as live events and trade shows such as COMDEX, the largest computer trade show in the world.  His audiences always appreciate his ability to explain complex concepts in simple and fun terms.  Go to to learn more about Buzz Murphy and to view his speaking calendar and training course availability.

Buzz has been a senior creative executive with “Just Tell Me…Simply” books from the beginning, and currently has several book titles in production.

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